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What Are You Too Scared to Say?

The other day I was speaking with another one of my sisters, and she said to me “I know it sounds silly to say it, and…” – and then said something that was not silly at all. It was zero percent silly. It was, in fact, pretty much just a “I’m a mom and have lived life” sort of a statement. Funniest part about it all? She’s actually a mystic and prophet herself, knows it in her bones, and is too scared to even admit it to herself.

Yep. The fear of speaking truth is real these days.

And, of course, her fear – and courage – in saying that small, not-scary-to-me momtruth out loud was a gift. An incredible gift – as are all conversations. Because, of course, it gave me the opportunity to inspect myself and how well I’m doing with this all.

And let me tell ya. I found some lack.

So I’ve known for a while that I can see, or sense, or dream, or perhaps (so I told myself) imagine things that are going to happen in the future. And then…they happen. I often used to say “I’m about 5 years ahead of the trend lines.” Definitely easier these days than saying “Hey y’all, I’m a mystic and a prophet!” (although, actually, other people – like Oprah – are acknowledging the normalcy of modern-day mystics).

No T.V. for kids? I was 5-10 years ahead of that (and ohhh, the looks I got from the doctors in those 5-10 years. Like I was torturing my children for not allowing them to watch TV). Not eating fish while pregnant? I knew that 5 years before they started handing out those pamphlets. My Mother helped with that one (doesn’t she always…?). Seeing the destruction of New Orleans by flood? About 10 years ahead of that. My husband and I put a wager on it. When it finally happened, we were too distraught at the reality to follow through.

So yep. That’s called being a prophet, my loves. And my guess is that you’ve experienced this as well.

Welcome to the party.


Are you able to see calamity coming? Hellllooooo, that’s called prophecy. Can you see that, perhaps, the way we’re doing things isn’t working? Prophet. Can you see that this whole dominion thing, this “I’m right and you’re wrong” dialogue is NOT functioning? In the old days, the title they would bestow upon your far-seeing head would be that of “Prophet.”

Can you, perhaps, look at a child and sense what they’re feeling, and what they need in that moment? Oh. That’s a step on the path to a little thing called being a mystic.

Hellooooo, every mom everywhere. Moms, my love, have a special gift in mysticism and prophecy. Lean into it – it’s pretty awesome what you’ll find there ;).

Y’all, we have these weird ideas, like we need to levitate and live on a mountaintop in the Himalayas to be a mystic. And then we’re all actually feeling these things, and seeing the calamity a-coming. We’re all like “go run to the hills, it’s about to get bananas!!”

And at the same time we’re all looking at each other, saying “why won’t someone show us the future??? Why won’t someone tell us how this turns out?? Why won’t someone help us all figure this shit out together?”


We are all on the edges of our seats, waiting to say ALL THE THINGS. We quietly say them in our rooms, whispering our thoughts in the dark because we’re afraid our friends might unfriend us. And then we’re all like “WHY WONT SOMEONE DO SOMETHING?”

We all – me too! – have these thoughts in our heads about what’s ok to say and what’s not. About what’s too scary, and what is just not acceptable. And as I said – me too, right? No judgement or blame here.

And so, in an attempt to break the stigma and find some sistahs out there, here’s some prophecy for you. And if you’re still reading – welcome to the party. It’s about to get real.

In September, we will have a global economic collapse, on the order of the Great Depression (perhaps worse. I’m not sure, I wasn’t there during that time). I’ve known this was coming for the past 5 years, and my loves – it’s going to be rough. I’ve been working so hard (and probably not hard enough) these past 5 years to avert it. And I haven’t said the words out loud (other than to close friends and family) in the hopes that it wouldn’t come true. Also because…I was weirded out by saying I was a mystic and a prophet.

I really, really, really, in my MAMA heart, wanted to make this not happen. And it is possible even now to make a different choice. It’s just that the odds are very, very slim. And that’s one of the reasons I’m saying it out loud right now – we have a choice. It’s just up to each one of us to decide. Microcosm and macrocosm and all…

So congratulations if you’re still reading. The Universe has, for some reason, chosen you as one of the responsible leaders of tomorrow. Yep. Super fun to know the future, right? It’s ok – take heart. It all turns out well.

It’s now your job to make that happen, my mystic sisters.

You have been chosen to help shepherd in the new. And, my loves – it’s going to be glorious. Glorious, glorious – so much better than what we have now. I promise. Like I said – I can see ahead ;). It’s just going to be pretty rough birth pangs to get there.

We’ve done a good job, frankly – we chose, in December, to not go the route of global nuclear war. Good work us, my loves. And I mean each one of you. What you create in the microcosm is what you create in the macrocosm…so you did a wonderful job of creating peace and space in that microcosm. Let’s keep going.

It’s now up to us to usher in the new stuff. I’ll be writing about how to make that happen. FYI – it all starts in the family. Yep, an oldie but a goodie. We’re ready to figure out that we’re actually all a global family. And that means we have to start by mending our own, in our own homes. I’m not perfect at this (who is?) and I’ll be giving some of the Way that I’ve been given to get there.

In the meantime…husband your resources.

And by that I mean your love, your strength, your peace, your faith, your consciousness, and your courage. Because those, of course, are the true resources. And the only ones that will be left that are worth a thing (remember, do not fear. Have faith. Material possessions aren’t, actually, worth a darn thing. One of the lessons we are all ready to learn).

Husband those resources, my love. And by that I mean treat them as a husband treats his beloved, cherished bride. If you have any doubt as to what that means, read the Song of Solomon. Good guide from one of the wisest Kings (hmmm…husband…) out there. Or, perhaps Khalil Gibran (always a fave). Love them. Nourish them. Pour time and joy and immense gratitude into your resources of love, peace, faith, courage, and strength. Pour it on. Sing to them. Tend them as a garden. And watch them grow, my loves. Because soon it will be time for the harvest. And there will be many, many, many to feed.

I love you all. Please take care of you. We need you so.

And also…please start saying, with me, the stuff you know and that might feel scary to say. It’s going to take all of us being courageous and voicing our puzzle pieces to build the bridge. And of course…me too.

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What Are You Too Scared to Say?

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