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Why Should We Celebrate Each Other?

I LOOOVE celebrating the women in my life so much and take every opportunity to celebrate them, especially right now when there are so many challenges going on in social media. I only do those that encourage me to celebrate women and skip the rest. I know how that sounds but that’s just me, and I love this ME! I want to celebrate the women in my life so badly that when they buy a new spoon or their hair grows an inch, they will call me to celebrate it with them! I want to celebrate them so badly that when they get a man who does not celebrate them, they will talk about it and ask for it, I want to celebrate them so so SOOOOO badly that a man will not use the celebration tactic to fool them because it’s something different and new to them…yes I said it.

Look the world does not celebrate women as it should. The world does not recognize women enough for the impact they make in the world. I refuse to be part of that world. Most of us want that to change, but we are not part of that change. Why do you want someone else to celebrate women while you do not celebrate them yourself? Why do you want someone else to recognize a girlfriend that is making a difference while you do not celebrate her? Be the change you want to see, celebrate that woman like it’s your calling…. boast about her and what she does whenever you can, stop waiting for someone else to do it. Just Do It!! Can you imagine how the world would be if we all decided to celebrate each other?

The greatest myth in the world is that women are their worst enemy. The sad thing is we have taken that myth and lived by it. We practice it every day like religion. This myth turns us against each other. It is so bad that when a woman starts her business, wins an award, is in a good marriage or just lives a good life, we do not celebrate her but instead we start doing a background check to see how she got that life, or how she got that man, we start digging through her past to see what we can use against her and just put her down. Why not just be happy for her and if she is attacked by others do the opposite to celebrate her, stand with her, and encourage her? Honestly, I always feel like slapping the HELL out of these women who put each other down, especially on social media. Why? Why?

Women, learn to be happy for each other.

Why do I CELEBRATE women? Why should you CELEBRATE women?

Well I celebrate women because I want to be a source of motivation and encouragement to them. I want these women to know that someone sees what they are doing, how far they have come, and is so, so proud of them. And when they are tired or feel like giving up I need them to remember that and keep going. I need them to know that someone is looking up to them and they need to continue being change leaders in their homes, communities, careers, and in the whole wide world. I want them to know that whatever they are doing is not too small to be celebrated and continue doing those small things in a great way.

We should celebrate other women because these women set platforms for us, they pave ways for us.

This is so selfish but true. I will celebrate every woman who does great things. I will celebrate a good wife, I will celebrate a great community leader, I will celebrate a great female spiritual leader, CEO, women representative, or even a female president. Because all these women show the world that women can be amazing leaders in all fields. These women pave way for us young women, when they do their jobs so well, then it opens doors for younger women like me. With all honesty why would you not celebrate a person that paves way for you? A person who will make your life easier as a woman? What more would you ask for? Celebrate that female president, you might be the one to replace her when her term is done! I hope this drives the point home!

No one knows what a woman goes through like a woman. We know our struggles as girls, young women, wives, employees, business ladies, community leaders, and even global leaders. We know each others struggles so well, that when one overcomes these struggles and achieves something, we should celebrate them. We owe them that much. If we do not celebrate them, who will? Whenever I’m with my girlfriends – my AMAZING circle – we talk about what we go through and one of us will always say “Gosh!! Women go through so much, we are such strong creatures!” And we are! So when one strong woman succeeds expect to see me there, celebrating her.

From today on, learn to celebrate the women in your lives and in your community. It’s the least we can do for them. And if you ever need a cheering squad to celebrate you, I’m here for you. Oh! And I have an amazing Becoming Super Woman Club that would love to celebrate your wins with you, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to join us. And on that note, I would like to celebrate the amazing Carmen Westbrook the founder and CEO of Becoming Superwoman Club, she is such an amazing leader and she is doing amazing things in the world!!

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Why Should We Celebrate Each Other?

by Team Aina time to read: 4 min