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Workplace Wellness: Digital Gurus Recruitment Firm

With increasing uncertainty and stressors on our teams, workplace wellness has become even more important for successful organizations. Leaders need to know the skills to navigate through workplace wellness relationships – and our Archetypal Leadership© Training does just that.

Even before the COVID-19 hit, companies and organizations around the world were confronting the real issues and challenges to leadership teams in response to mental wellness in the workplace. Contacted by the Manchester, UK recruiting firm, Digital Gurus, the team at Aina ramped up to deliver a skills-based training to managers and leaders to help with workplace wellness in teams.


Workplace Wellness for Leadership Aina Giving Digital Gurus

Delivered as a pre-work training, our facilitators led the managers through dancing (we have to become vulnerable to make space for vulnerable discussions), coaching skills, and a basic understanding of the leadership areas as described in the Co-Active Leadership Model. Through these activities, our leader participants were able to break barriers and discuss issues that they, themselves, had confronted in their teams (maintaining confidentiality, of course), and find that they were not alone in having to address these issues. As one participant remarked,


The skillsets and actual tools that were given are invaluable, and will be something that I start using today with my team.

Through a combination of coaching, supporting from behind, and breaking stigmas in their own assumptions, we focused on giving leaders the skills they need to cultivate a culture of openness and honesty in their teams – a culture that is mandatory when addressing workplace wellness.


Our facilitators wrapped up the day with an open question-and-answer period, and led the group into a full networking coffee hour where leaders were able to connect and support cross sectors. A resounding success, Digital Gurus has already asked out team to return once COVID restrictions are eased.


Digital Gurus Workplace Wellness

 Leadership in action, in the leaders on the front lines. We at Aina Giving rest easily at night knowing that these leaders are out there, helping to destigmatize and lead the charge in mental wellness throughout all aspects of our lives.


If you would like bridge-building leadership development for your team, contact us and set up your free consultation on how our Archetypal Leadership© team training can propel your organization’s mission and unity.

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Workplace Wellness: Digital Gurus Recruitment Firm

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