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September 29-October 3, 2019

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5 Days of taking on world change | 1 leader at a time

World Change Leadership Retreat

Being a worldchanger takes fierce courage and dedication – and a little bit of expertise. While we all yearn to change the world, making it actually happen can feel insurmountable.  Aina’s World Change Leadership Retreat is a five-day life-changing experience to courageously explore your own impact-driven leadership and challenge your perceived limits. Each retreat forms a 12-person bond of community in the wilderness and forges your new path to truly taking on world change.

Set in the beautiful environment of Muranga’a County, Kenya, this retreat tests and pushes you to let go of the status quo and accept your position as a true worldchanger. Fiercely Yourself. Courageously Doing. Beside Others. You will live through visceral, hands-on experiences with local communities in need, be pushed and expanded in the wilds of nature, and led through a journey of leadership expansion – diving in and taking on truly high-impact quests.  This face-to-face immersion with some of the toughest challenges facing our world will set you on a leadership path of conviction and community to be a player on the stage of world change. You will interact with some of the most cutting-edge leaders in international aid, and will leave with all of the tools and techniques you need to find and work with the most badass NGOs in the world. 

Fiercely Yourself

Each Aina Worldchanger Retreat is conducted in beautiful environs while confronting today’s toughest issues. You will be expected to attend every day, show up with 100% dedication, and lean into the 12-member tribe as you each explore your own world change leadership.

You will develop the leadership skills within yourself to take on the toughest challenges confronting society today, persevering and triumphing over insurmountable odds. You will gain the fierce courage to dive into the hard, daunting issues that you know you should be helping. No longer will you sit on the sidelines wishing the world would change – you will leave knowing exactly what is calling to you, and how you can make it a reality.

There is no mandate on background, culture, professional training, or personal identity. Aina has trained and certified WorldChange Leaders in all walks of life – from stay-at-home moms to C-Suite executives, from the biggest cities of America and Europe to the most rural communities of Africa and India. There is no “appropriate box” for our participants – we only demand that you throw down and throw in as fiercely yourself.

Aina Retreat Fiercely Yourself

Courageously Doing

Discover Kenya

Aina’s Kenya Retreat is set in Thika, in the beautiful 100-year-old historic space of Blue Post Hotel, and will also include a one-day, overnight journey out into the “bush” of Kenya, exploring your own resilience and the desperate need of the world for your services.

Take on the toughest issues

Partnering with Stahili Foundation, you will work and community-build with the local chieftain and the local, on-the-ground, everyday women and mothers that are fighting to overcome the effects of orphanage trafficking and get off international aid dollars.

Get Certified

Through over 60 hours of intense, hands-on training, you will leave this retreat as a trained Aina Ambassador, the prestigious certification recognized by NGOs worldwide. Our certification comes with our 100% backing, and opens doors with NGOs around the world to develop community-led programs and initiatives.

Get the Tools

By working with the cutting-edge leaders in today’s NGO scene, you will be gaining all of the tools on how to find an ethical, sustainable NGO partner, develop a program that they will say yes to, and create the change that you wish to see in the world. Get the opportunity to become an Aina Associate and train world change leaders in governments, organizations, and schools worldwide.

Grow Your Tribe

Build a network with the leaders in worldchange and get connected with influence-builders within International Aid, Government Services, and Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Programs. Take your place in the company of the people that are truly changing the world – and build your impact with their support.

Become a World Change Leader

Grow together through interactive experiences, learning, and networking with international and local NGOs to explore your own quest and gain the tools to find, screen, and create together with a high-impact, sustainable, and ethical NGOs.

Radically Inclusive

Your experience in this retreat will not be alone – because world change is not a solitary experience. You will grow and stretch yourself as a leader with communities in need, becoming a partner with them as you mutually learn from each other. This experience is jointly owned between yourself and your world – and you will be expected to be open to the challenge.

You will grow your community within your WorldChanger tribe, making lifelong connections with leaders that are changing the world. You will create support networks to propel you forward as you take on your toughest challenges. 

Empowering Women to Change the World

“Aina WorldChangers are solving today’s problems – from voluntourism to human trafficking to childhood health issues, Aina’s partnership model is the future of NGO Programs.”

the Details…

  • Dates for the Retreat: 29 September-3 October

  • Location: Nairobi and Murganga’a County, Kenya

  • Cost: $1,500, all-inclusive (minus travel to Kenya)

The retreat also includes an optional 3-day add-on Safari at the end that Aina organizes for Our Safari-Seeking participants.

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