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Your stories of love, hope, and faith are AMAZING, y’all! You inspire us every day to bring you even more ways to change this world – thank you for all of the fab that you are, every day :). So let’s get passionate, get crafty, get global, and get connected, because we’re all in this big ball together.


“A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” -Benjamin Franklin

So Brexit actually happened. For those of us that kind of have no idea what that means, basically England said hasta la vista to the EU. For those of you that still don’t really know what that means, join the team. Since the EU never really made plans for how countries could leave, frankly nobody knows what’s going on here. One thing we do know? No one knows what’s going to happen to the thousands of immigrants that made it across the border to work in England thanks to the EU open borders. Those working peeps are currently busy counting pennies and saving up for possible ousting from the country. And here’s where you come in :).

Give some financial counseling to people that need it the most – by phone, right from your own home. Gifts of time and love to a stranger across the country? Priceless. How can you get involved? Check out all of the deets here.

Sit. In.

“I was promised donuts.” – Signage at a protest

This week saw a historic sit-in in the House concerning gun control bills. Why historic? Because for the first time ever (and, ahem, against the rules), the representatives live-streamed the action on social media. Frankly Aina Team is all over the map on opinions about this one, but we do agree on one thing – those victims of gun violence need massive love. Check out how you can sit down and DO something – live streaming optional.

You quilters. You’re AHMAYZING. This quilting project takes pieces of fabric from victims of gun violence and puts it all together into a memory quilt to end gun violence. WARNING: This org is political. We desperately tried to find one that wasn’t, but gun issues are apparently just too juicy of a topic. The good part is that this quilting project? Not part of their political machine. Check out all of the deets.

Lebron, Russia, and Zika, oh my!

“When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.”

This week was a big ol’ burger of sports with a side of doping. From the Cavalier’s NBA Finals win to multiple athletes backing out of this Summer’s Games in Brazil due to Zika, there were a lot of tears and drama. And then Russia’s track team was banned from the Rio Olympics due to doping issues. So if you’re a sports junkie, this is your week to dive in.

Addiction is SUCH a tough road to walk through, not only for the individual but for the whole family involved. And it’s such an incredibly personal journey, that the personal touch is so important – one person can make such a huge impact on the road to recovery. Check out all of the deets on how you can help not only those in the cycle of addiction, but also to stop the cycle before it starts.

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