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It feels a wee bit like winter is coming in our neck of the woods – pretty sure the flowers have been scared back underground by the cold. And while we do love us some Game of Thrones (and are stoked about the new chapter), we’d also be cool with some warmer weather. Especially those of us that are being forced into camping by our children’s activities. So while we’re slogging through the mud on a “fun” nature hike, we hope you’re inside enjoying some hot chocolate, playing cards, and changing the world. Check out our top three for this week.

Because it would be a jolly trip, quite right.

“Ukes, not Nukes” (as in ukuleles. Get down with yourself, bad-ass Hawaiians)

The past few weeks North Korea has opened it’s borders to a bevy of foreign reporters on their annual “see we’re not evil tour.” They took them to model farms, showered them with happy children signing songs, and sang Katy Perry with them (oh, wait, no, the Katy Perry part was only in The Interview). Then they kicked out those cheeky Brits for attempting to show the real news. The big news of the day is nukes, though, because, uhhhh, it’s North Korea. Read on to find out how you, regular peeps, can make a difference in that.

Help Stop Nukes - Divestment

How exactly do we, from home, have any impact on nukes? Remember that little thing called apartheid? One of the most influential things that the outside world did to cause the collapse of apartheid was divestment – stopping investment in companies dealing in South Africa. And now you, my friend, can do the same for disarmament. Guess what? No fewer than 221 financial institutions in the U.S. invest in nuke building. Including Allstate. And Bank of America. Check out how.

Potty Talk.

“Deep Thought: Shouldn’t the bedroom actually be called the restroom?”

Ohhhhh, bathrooms. Oddly, they’ve been in the news a lot of late. Specifically relating to whether transgender people should be allowed to pick their bathroom flavor. We aren’t going to pick a flavor in that argument, but we are going to recommend some love thrown around to the LGBTQ community – because, honestly, love and relationships are what change this world.

undies2Many of those LGBTQ youth? They’re homeless. And frankly, they need extra love and hope to let them know that they’re not alone. So. Ummmm, undies? Yep. Super important and hard to come by when you’re homeless. This is not only a fun craft, it’s easy, and man, it gives a lotta love to some of our people that need it the most. There but for the grace of God go I, my friends. Hope comes from knowing people actually care enough to DO something for you, and hope is the kernel every person needs to get on the right path. Spread some hope, peeps.

Speaking of Spring Weather…

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”

This week the FDA said it was going to reevaluate it’s list of healthy foods – read: nuts are healthy. Su-Weet. Break out the Kind Bars and stop feeling guilty already. In honor of healthy foods and the gardeners among you that are planting those veggies, we thought we’d give you a way to to change the world, stop hunger, and be healthy, all at once. Watch those flowers grow and give yourself a hug, because frankly, you world-changers are awesome

Help Feed the Hungry with Garden Produce

Can we just say Garden Giving Party??? Break out the tea set, get your friends to wear some big fab hats, and help solve world hunger. So basically we have this issue of people not having food. Look at the peeps at your party – count around the room aaaannnddd….yep, #9 doesn’t have enough food to live. That’s right, one in NINE people in the world. You can solve that prob for that one person. Check it out.

Ecuador DRIVE ON!

This week Team Aina sent off three big boxes of supplies to our Ecuador friends – thank you to everyone that contributed! Be sure to check out our FB wall for thank-yous when the supplies arrive. We have a new blog update about the situation on the ground – read up on it here. Love y’all!

Talk Soon!

Carmen, Kristin, and Natalie

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